Example coaching questions

Examples of questions you can use in call center coaching sessions to help find opportunities and develop effective action plans with your agent.
Daniel Baylis
08 October 2019

Here some examples of questions you could be asking within the various stages of a coaching session.


While preparing for the session, you may ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have a strong understanding of the agent’s metric performance?
  • What problem areas did I pick up for this agent in my observations that we could explore during the session?
  • What could be some of the possible root causes limiting this agent’s performance?
  • What did we discuss in our previous coaching session, and what actions did we set?
  • How can I ensure that these action plans have been completed?
  • Should there be a noticeable performance increase by now based on the previous actions set?
  • Has there been an increase?
  • How will I position myself as a coach with a desire to partner and help the agent, rather than a boss giving a lecture?
  • Have I arranged for another team leader or floor support specialist to answer questions from my team, allowing me to focus entirely on this coaching session?

Welcome & Setup

  • How are you today? How is your shift going?
  • Are you ready for this coaching session?
  • Are you comfortable having the coaching session right here?

Review Performance

  • How is your performance this week/month?
  • Can you tell me your performance goals for metrics X, Y, and Z?
  • Which metrics are you doing well in?
  • Which metrics are you falling short of your goal?
  • What is the team’s performance and goal for metric X?
  • Do you know the center’s target?
  • Can you explain to me how metric X is calculated?
  • Why is it essential for us to achieve metric X?
  • You seem to be doing exceptionally well in this metric – what advice would you give for agents struggling in this area?

Identify root causes

Questions in this phase will vary greatly, depending on what comes up. Here are some examples:

  • Metric X is something we need to improve. Do you have any thoughts on what might be holding you back in this area?
  • Can you tell me more about that?
  • Can you give me an example?
  • What type of calls do you find a little uncomfortable or challenging to handle?
  • Why do you think that is?
  • Can you tell me about the parts of a call that feel like they sometimes take longer than they really should?
  • We all know there are business processes that sometimes stop a customer from getting the resolution to an issue they want, but can you tell me about what you can control to help customers leave feeling their issue was resolved?
  • In what situations does it feel easy to negotiate?
  • Can you describe a situation where negotiating with the customer felt very difficult?
  • What do you think made it difficult?
  • If there was an agent that was able to negotiate perfectly with a customer every time, and still have the customers leave happy, how do you think their approach would differ?
  • What types of questions feel most confusing to you?
  • What are some factors outside your control that are limiting your performance in this metric?
  • What could we do about that?
  • Which areas do you think we can get the most improvement from?

Establish an action plan

  • What are some specific behaviors or actions we could try to address the root causes identified?
  • Have you asked other agents about how they can perform so well in this metric?
  • Can we improve your performance in this metric by improving your product or process knowledge?
  • Which specific areas do you require more knowledge?
  • What resources are available to us to help you improve?
  • Is there an opportunity to improve your performance by working on your communication and listening skills?
  • Can you tell me more about where you think your skills are limited?
  • What resources are available to us to help you improve?
  • If I listen to your next 50 calls, are you sure I will not hear an opportunity for you to improve?
  • If we start today, when do you think it would be a reasonable time to review whether or not these actions have had an impact?

Confirm understanding & agreement

  • Can you please tell me about what we have agreed to today?
  • Do you agree these actions are the best things for you to be working on right now to improve your performance?

Close the session

  • Are you feeling confident to complete these actions and achieve your goals? 

This list of questions is by no means exhaustive but hopefully starts to give you some ideas for the kinds of questions you might ask. 

Make sure you ask the questions in your style!

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